Helicopter Landing
By 1st Assistant Chief Christian Hojenski
March 10, 2024

On Saturday 3/09/2024 Flanders ambulance was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident involving unknown people involved. 7-17-18 and 7-17-31 were in route to the scene, 7-17-15 was put on stand by. 7-17-31 arrived on scene first with 7-17-18 not far behind, with only one patient involved. It appeared Riverhead fire was already trying to cut the patient out of the car through the roof. The opportunity was taken to request the medevac since the patient will be getting cut out of the car for another few more minutes. Once the patient was out they were put on a backboard and brought to the ambulance to be stabilized. The medevac landed on the road of Route 51. The patient was soon brought to the medevac and transported to a hospital. Thanks to Southampton PD, NYS Troopers, Riverhead PD and Riverhead FD.